Artist Statement

My work draws on thoughts and images that populate my mind as I go through my daily life as a mother, daughter, homemaker and artist living in New York.  I explore things that become significant in our lives, and how/if they start to define our identity. Autobiographical elements are used to touch upon larger phenomenon including globalization, tradition, identity, memories, grief, death and our current busy lives. 

Researching everyday objects for their function in our life, and their social significance, is part of my process. I draw from maps, natural vegetation, architectural details, rooms, drawers, household objects, clothing, books, patterns, old letters, photographs, travel ephemera and miscellaneous personal belongings. 

Memories and how they relate to our present is an important theme in my work. I often travel long distances to meet family. Thoughts of people and places, those far away, and those who are no more, surface as I go about my life. The emotions that accompany these thoughts acquire an abstract, sometimes overwhelming life of their own. They become a visual presence in my work through incessant, detailed line and color.

I work with pencil and pen on Japanese Kozo paper to make detailed drawings. Printmaking is an important part of my work. I print on Japanese paper using experimental techniques, and layer these prints with drawings to make mixed media pieces. The translucencies in the Kozo paper allow for complex layering and delicate drawing. Watercolor, gold leaf, sewing and small objects are also used in some pieces. The mixed media pieces may be cut, sewn, roilled or otherwise manipulated to become objects themselves. Sometimes they morph into sculptural pieces where physical objects become the focus. Other mediums I work with include photography, thread, object based work and handmade paper.